Crazy Caveman Jumping Rush Pro - Addictive Jungle Rescue

4.5 ( 7835 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 어드벤쳐 가족
개발자: Alex Trimble
2.99 USD

A crazy caveman wants to test is survival skills by jumping on angry lions and avoiding sharp fences. Help hi reach his goal by making him jump on the back of the lions successfully!

Crazy Caveman Jumping Rush – Addictive Jungle Rescue is the exciting and addicting strategy game that will let you help a crazy old caveman spare his life from the sharp and pointy fences just outside his cave. Make him jump left and right on top of each lion’s back in order to survive!


Tap the screen left and right to move the caveman in the direction your desire. The goal is to make him survive the challenge by jumping on the lion and avoiding the sharp fences.

How long can you keep the caveman jumping?

The super awesome Crazy Caveman Jumping Rush – Addictive Jungle Rescue is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


• Super cool graphics and fun sound effects
• Exciting game concept
• Riveting gameplay
• Funny caveman character
• Test your finger-tapping skills!